3rd person stranger

S c r o l l D o w n

3rd person stranger

welcome to all things stranger. all things other.

if you just in for the partial print: links to songs are below.

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current album in progress:

dark but home (false positive and negative staining)

bacon, lend me a face

toothache (video coming soon!)

ready to rumble? give some love to a stranger

plus a little side dish to fuck with trump:

trumpy sheen- we won din’t win it

better alien than human

and a taste of half dark, half home:

3rd body- running out of tongue (draft)


current motto:


previous mottos:

‘Carpe Pandemiem?!’

‘what we lack in technique we make up for in passion’ (real hot bitches)



wanna talk to a stranger? wanna use some stuff commercially? please use this: 3rdpersonstranger@posteo.de