S c r o l l D o w n


you know the stranger-or one of its masks like the persona, the other, the layer of distortion of reality, the expansion of the inner, archeconnect and transformation, the mud face and maybe one or two sweet coffin portraits.

toucher and taster, chew and devour different slices. or same slice on a different pizza. same chunk in a different frame. loosen ties on packages that seem to go together. explores improper affiliations, wrong stuffings, and guilt by association. sees how the other is constructed. that homemade alien coming with that extra 10% of fear (for free!).

digs that ambiguity. growth, corrosion and pleasant dystopies. the remote and the too close. the inbetween. the balance tween absurdity and integration. delusion and mania. plastic with a human touch. all shapes, all patterns and dirty bling. meaning in trash and trash in meaning. life is messy so why bother? fuck signal, let’s noize.

paradox pop for this wonderfully weird and inextricable life.

trying to set the clock to another time zone without falling out of bound. and make that dance and story last for a couple of nights. rituals without religion but maybe something else in the room. space for eeriness. say goodbye to the original “i” but try to hold onto common ground. invite the other in or let it come to you.

and then bring back that stranger…and make us family again.

call, journey and return; full circle or spiral out of control…

for all shyronics, melanchoholics and lucky charms. for those who wanna try some crossings- with an inner call but no direction. a door in for those who have trouble with the sweet. if your inner “me” is your en-emy but you still wanna reach an agreement. if you try to make it one piece of meat but can’t squeeze it into shape. for all our beautiful, painful, numinous others that don’t give a damn but are still in for the show.

tunes for torn souls and hungries who want to taste it all:

meat. maschine. more.

ready for darker tides?

ready for the uncanny valley?

ready for destruction?

…and some fun?

then tune in, tune in for crooners and screams- toys, trash and trauma and lunar machines…

current album

dark but home (false positive and negative staining)

now playing

bacon, lend me a face

next in line


love for a stranger

better alien than human (plz cnfrm hmnt)

3rd body: running out of tongue

dorsoduro ://: heavy hands

nyci- come out to play

until it stops

dark land